Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Eastland and New Town Plaza Stalls November 3 to 5 2016

This week's plug tomato seedlings.
This week we will be at Eastland Shopping Centre on Thursday November 3 and Friday November 4 outside music shop Sanity. We are also at New Town Plaza on Saturday November 5 in the foyer outside Coles as usual. 

We have a good range of tomatoes and other plants this week. We have some more advance tomato and zucchini seedlings in pots as well as plug seedlings. 

$5 Pots
Tiny Tims

Tiny Tim Bush Tomato (Cherry)
Yellow Pear Climbing Tomato (Cherry)

$4 Pots
Costato Romanesco Zucchini
Black Beauty Zucchini

$2.50 Plug Seedlings 
Common Chives
Garlic Chives
Black Krim Climbing (Tomato) (Beefsteak size)
Black Russian Climbing Tomato (Normal size fruit)
Camp Joy Climbing Tomato (Cherry)
Grosse Lisse Climbing Tomato (Normal Size fruit)
Mary Italian Bush Tomato (Beefsteak)
Prosperity Bush Tomato (Normal size fruit)
Roma Bush Tomato (Roma style fruit)
Rouge de Marmande Climbing Tomato (Normal size fruit)
San Marzano Climbing Tomato (Roma style fruit)
Siberian Bush Tomato (Cherry)
Tommy Toe Tomato (Cherry)
Walter Bush Tomato (Cherry)
Yellow Pear Climbing Tomato (Cherry)
Italian Parsley
Butternut Pumpkin
Common Sage
Black Beauty Zucchini
Chives, lettuce and broccoli.

Golden Zucchini
Costato Romanesco Zucchini

1 Plug Seedlings 
Broccoli di Cicco
Cauliflower Snowball
Blue Dwarf Kale
Perpetual Spinach 
Silverbeet Fordhook Giant

$1 Seed Packets
Blue Lake Climbing Bean (Green Bean)
Cherokee Wax Bush Bean (Butter or Yellow French Bean)
Idelight Bush Bean (Green French Bean)
Royal Burgundy (Purple French Bean)
Scarlet Runner Bean

50c Plug Seedlings
Australian Yellow Looseleaf Lettuce
Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce
Lollo Rosso Looseleaf Lettuce
Parris Island Cos Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl Lettuce

$25 Bags
Steve Solomon's COF (Complete Organic Fertiliser) For more information on this product click on the link

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